• Jan : 8 : 2013 - Soutine Grove
  • Jan : 2 : 2013 - Her color: Blue
  • Dec : 25 : 2012 - Science Promenade
  • Dec : 18 : 2012 - Spring Square
  • Dec : 10 : 2012 - Street art: Settings, talking birds

Spring is Square railway junction Begin, One crowded intersections in, Bordering the heart of the city, Of Rothschild, Neighborhood of Ramat Hasharon and Neve Shanan, Will be built next to subway station as part of the Red Line of the light rail, Nearby recreation area Shevakh, The future will be a pretty big role is in between that square and East South, On the square, North East of the square there are three office towers city engineer planning a former Tel Aviv Israel Goodovitch, Uniqueness of the buildings are one unit which manages the dialogue with international style (Bauhaus) And pale green squares scattered in roles prevent birds crash into the surrounding glass towers are transparent on one side and on the other hand show, Considering that this is a sensitive and important ecological, Character construction towers, Combines commercial space fronted Bank and creating similar letter Resh creates spectacular reflections, South plaza across the street there is a train Rubinstein Towers office complex especially in the spine outward them and design creates great reflection, Levinstein Tower Square west of their beautiful story, They won winnings Construction for waiver of theater space in Nga Bridge and the city has benefited from municipal ownership became a theater that was to be destroyed, The tower design is interesting and it looks different from every angle throughout the region for stripe goes on in between the ribs and the south-west of the square of the Bauhaus buildings of the city's iconic, First built as a basis awaits Mkontrotzit iron and compares Conservation Project.

Aviv Towers, Shows a typical square, Beds, Benches, Trails and wide and left elliptical Sonol Tower

Aviv square structure is similar to Rush signal, Surrounded by vegetation and few trees refuse to grow some boundaries as a tax’ Benches and project rental station Tel way, The potential of a large square, She needs to re-, Now serves the island and Derry office complex, Customers cafes and usually is quite deserted, Its eastern part is mainly used for the parking of motorcycles situation creates chaos buffalo, Street office complex alongside Menachem Begin There are modern buildings renovated and used school buildings and nearby we will exploit Center for the Blind, Another feature of the square is the rough yellow bar that allows blind bearings, Area north of the square facing one of the largest projects constructed in recent years, Office towers around the public square when perimeter border oval marks Sonol Tower.

Left Rubinstein Towers

The square needs renewal, As such dispersal of modern benches benches in the square to allow a pleasant stay Cinematheque, The area has no’ Schools of Art and Photography and the possibility to use a pull / women to stop it, Sit in the square or in one of the cafes located in, לשלב אינטרנט WI FI, Its north wing can build a pond ecosystem and the east wing where the concentration of a garage for motor scooters Art Market, Photo, Books and flowers, The region Environment Variable, Be young and neighborhoods are urban renewal environment that brings families with children and young people, The size of the square is from a major city can contribute to the environment and to the city and increase the mix of uses, Combines vibrant open space transportation, Residence, Trade, Offices and complex nationalist schools.

Reflection Komfks offices of Rubinstein Towers

Tel way station

The work of street artist DEDE abandoned building a few blocks from the area where gentrification is the largest city


North Square ecological pool can be combined or small market

Left Levinstein Tower

Yellow line guiding the blind rough dominant feature square and its environs

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Soutine Grove

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Her color: Blue

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Science Promenade

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Spring Square

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