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Wood is the urban skeleton we know as an avenue, As avenues Mint, Rothschild, Grace, Kings of Israel, Ben Gurion, David King, Nordau and many more,, Cord comes out of the woods and a similar feature, Wood density and line and usually the same type, One of the Tel Aviv is no less dominated forest, Tel Aviv woods, Natural forest features tall trees and dense rows and most of the same type, Or several types of groups, Land with minimal intervention of benches and especially no intervention at all, Sometimes it will be integrated into an intimate play area, Or artistic sculpture, But most forest, In the past Tel Aviv was filled with them in the territory, Even today there are no’ Impressive groves around the city, The process and struggle in recent years, Followed in some groves Huoiticot used in “Park woods” And some natural forest reserves, But still the character will be revealed at the end of work on the first phase woods Park’ Is underway and which will be incorporated into ecological and conservation projects textures Grove, In”Garden occupiers” There is a natural wooded area filled with benches, Ramat Aviv are the largest in the woods, Large and impressive groves, Another forest and completely natural impressive is Grove “Garden Moshe Cohen” With benches, Vegetation, Small play area and gate Grove, Loss of land and autumn leaves, This post will deal with its grove Soutine unique feature that combines conservation, Progress, Modernity and Ecology.

Exposed concrete path

Soutine grove is the center of Tel Aviv, Center between Ibn Gabirol, Weizman, Breast’ King David and Arlozorov, Abutting a street Soutine and Nrdah, A rectangular wooded grove by the construction of a tower Barry Nrdah, Tower developers were required to preserve and even increase it in the garden as part of the tower, Forest conservation is done by”The architectural firm of Moria Szekely and minimal interference in nearby woods because the structure of the KM, Modern building with an inner courtyard, Is destroyed and the area is now built Soutine Tower, Modern buildings around the woods and low Bauhaus, Two residential towers over 20 floors and a kindergarten.

Elliptical Circle

By forest conservation”Ministry of Moria Scali rarely intervened wooded natural forest with tall trees and slender trunks Hmsoohim her a Forest, In the eastern part of the forest bare concrete paved path, With purple LED lighting strips along the western side and a wooden bench all along the eastern side, On the south side, Narrow platform in the trees, Two parking facilities for bicycles and cycle of vegetation Alfasi simulates River (Without water) It was floating tree-lined National, Tall and thin).


On the north track near the garden has kindergartens dogs, Part of the garden and part of the spine were graded wooden platforms that allow operations by the imagination of man and nature, Spine out of bare concrete counting and north eastern side were some benches joint meeting, Created an avenue which is among the most beautiful in the city and shows that you can combine a modern design almost without intervening and thawing of natural forest conservation.


Soutine tower construction

Entrance area south

Shows plowing with small interference

Cluster benches

Ancient Tree, Reserves as part of a compound Barry Nrdah

Additional garden area as part of the job;

Shows the north woods

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