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Tel Aviv is known as “White City” Or “Black white city”, There is a book by that name, We recognize the oppressive sense of traffic jams, Buildings neglect, Running to work , To the university, Search for Parking, Cafe, Gallery, Shopping Center, בעיקר מקום עם מזגן להhמלט מהחום המהביל בקיץ או החימום בחורף, There's nothing like Tel Aviv in the transitional seasons of spring and autumn and colorful blossoms and dreams that, Beautiful no like Tel Aviv Tel Aviv winter, Although in recent years the winter is only a recommendation, כמעט כמו המחשבה הדמיונית על צבע בעיר, Tel Aviv Like other cities in the world is being renewed, By”The maintenance, Replacement and upgrading, Renewal Boulevard, Bicycle paths and return the space to the public, The process occurs over a decade and change the city and allows it to regenerate , Series “Her color” Weaving rainbow Posts.

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