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  • Mtmgntim Tel Aviv – Treasure Hunt.

    Two months ago I toyed with trying to incorporate magnets for art I make beads board in recent months with a character I call “MR LEAF” , I folded them and put a magnet on the fridge and a boulevard, Magnet […]

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  • Tel Aviv bike feels good

    The city begins to feel taken for granted which is a city bike, Residents and residents love to ride a bike and not only are, The residents of the city's first ring, Ramat Gan and Givataim, It is convenient, It […]

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  • Street art: Foma, Fresh Works

    As every tax’ One month old artists who work on the street that way street Puma started as part of SMD Style Must die at the scene of the world of art works gallery owner and street scene, PUMA distributes a series of works in the style […]

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