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ארכיון עבור April, 2014

Dizengoff Center has always fascinated me, Its connection to the street, Usually I do not like closed centers, I love the street, Feel like it, View architecture, Be part of the pedestrians and part of the space, הליכה ברחוב משחררת את המחשבה שלי, יש כמה דברים במרכז הזה שממציא את עצמו מחדש תדיר, הכניסות הרבות, האפשרות להיכנס עם כלב, יש בהם משהו דמוקרטי, משהו מהרוח של להיות תל אביבי, קולנוע לב וקולנוע דיזנגוף ז”To, העיצוב הפנימי שלו מזכיר לי את העיצוב   קרא עוד..

Spring takes us out, Sea, Street, It is characterized by changes in the weather, Warm rain, Coolness, Heat and lots of sun and particularly enchanting flowering in unexpected places, Flowering areas increasingly narrow and cloud the city Spring in the city, We complementary layers in spring, Smile with us, We look, Exposed, Exposed, The boots are replaced sandals, Dresses, pants and shorts, The pressure is released, We are happy, It's time to go outside and enjoy the beauty and merge it, לשבת במיטות הישיבה הפזורות בכיכרות העיר   קרא עוד..

One of the prices of living in a big city or visit it entails financial expenditure, Even if it is carefully planned visit with a minimum expenditure, She always include sitting in a cafe, We want to feel part of the neighborhood change visitors and feel of sitting in a local coffee shop is an experience we want to experience, New venture Cofix makes it achievable rates, Cofix is ​​a network that all products Nmcim five shekels, Coffee, Iced Coffee, Sandwiches, A cold drink, Juice, Desserts, בביקור   קרא עוד..

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