Squares, New trails and street art

Orientation in, New trails and street art, The tour will take place in “Houses from Within” And at no cost, On Friday, 18/05/2012 at 11:00 And register. After the tour, Those interested can be centrally return to Rabin Square on horseback through the streets of Florentine, Herzl, Breast’ Rothschild, Breast’ Grace.

You can know and experience it regardless of their own bicycles or bicycle project “Tel way”. The rental project joiners “Tel way” You can rent bikes at Rabin Square, The middle of the bike swap 250 Meters from station to station along the route, Or private bicycle.

[important]Recommended to drink, Hat and sunglasses, Recommended local weather, The tour includes stops for two hours.[/important]

Rabin Square

Convergence: Rabin Square, Rabin Square last hurdle through the renovation project, The square open to the public after the new flooring, Renovation of the monument and the pools, And scatter lawn chairs and tables on the weekends, Now return the shading historic building and upgrading the upper balcony, Two positions of the rental project “Tel way” Both sides. Cich remaining works to restore shading front of City Hall and preservation without addition of stories designed, Returns a historical building in their configuration and rehabilitation balcony overlooking the square, Sites square riding trail through the Kings of Israel, Breast Trail’ Chen recently opened as part of urban boulevards ring, Ben Gurion trail last section is currently paved and thus ending the ring trails project sequence that includes the urban boulevards breast’ Rothschild, Breast’ Like a demon’ Ben Gurion, During the tour we will learn the layout of the city bike paths.

Kings of Israel Trail

Breast' Grace

Second Station: Square sites, Square is about to upgrade, Recently completed renovation of swimming Gordon, Going down the sea level, A broad, Trees, Benches, Rental project was “Tel way”, Spine and a public square, Connection and the opening of the public marina, Before the project avenue to the sea surrounding the marina, Trail construction and sequence paths Gordon Gordon peer is in the midst of these days, Dolphinarium riding nerds promenade path recently, Traffic signals at the first bike path in the first separation and graded pavement promenade (Road).

Breast' Ben Gurion and Atarim

Boardwalk trail bike with the first traffic lights

Third Station: Dolphinarium, Dolphinarium is before demolition and eviction for the park and connecting sequence between Bat Yam Herzliya along the shores of Tel Aviv, Today the structure is abandoned and is one of the solvent’ Graffiti sites and street art, Learn a little about street art for the first time this year in which “Of art” City had begun to recognize and maintain the street art projects with artists in,.

Near the Dolphinarium beach

We ride through the neighborhood Noga Claude Charles Trail, Breast’ Jerusalem, Recognize while riding in the neighborhood a few works by the poet's active bud Mintz, “Home”, Soup, Asboi, UVs and no longer continue in the Florentine neighborhood.

Nitzan's work and UNTAY Bangha Mintz - When photography was

Fourth Station, Last Station: Garden Dorianov Florentine neighborhood and area carpentry shops in the city's largest concentration Street Art, Area where you can wander the alleys and street art works to meet the Israeli artists and international artists, some of which have been recognized around the world and some works on the street and in the studio and shows in galleries and museums, You can tour the Florentine neighborhood at the end, Sit in a café.

Work of LATZI and DEDE Florentine neighborhood - When photography was

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