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Son 45, Love the combination between nature and urban atmosphere, Likes to peel the situation as chocolate wrapper, Enjoying record situations and situations of space.

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  • Projects should recognize: Foodix

    After COFIX projects and CUPS recently opened a new culinary venture viable series of culinary appeal, Foodix affordable food venture opened Herzl Street in Florentine 102 Block area of ​​building underwent restoration and an addition […]

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  • Public Transportation: The red line pretreatment, Tax line’ 1

    Nearly a month has passed the preliminary launch of the Red Line Line 1, In fact tomorrow it will be exactly a month, The line was launched on Sunday August Fridays were her first trip “Urban”, Articulated bus model […]

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  • City colors: Yellow – Neighborhood

    Rabbi Frankel Street is a street in the neighborhood of Florentine painting, and one of its most beautiful and well-kept, West uses and structures involving street levels, “Neighborhood” Street Art Rabbi Frankel accommodation 9 Gives a sense of vintage bar’ […]

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  • Interactive interview: Freedom Wall

    When I find the idea of ​​walking with concept art open to the public and it's very exciting artists and excites me, and thankfully this is happening a lot lately, Recently Florentine replete with such projects, Starting from inviting chalk […]

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  • Alternative school week

    A message that caught my eye, Bring a smile to my lips, and when I met her in the breast application’ Grace, Rothschild and I felt really good Florentine. Week just ended the debate about the book and authors Act will Vach […]

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  • Urban Renewal – Sharona

    One of the most fascinating stories and many more complex processes in any city of Tel Aviv has been Sharona compound, Long, long before the establishment of the state, and nearly forty years before the founding of the city of Tel Aviv 1909, Story […]

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  • Interactive Interview with Sharon Pazner artist gallery founder 3361

    Florentine neighborhood I call a laboratory of the street art scene in Tel Aviv in a decade, Whenever there is a sense that the neighborhood itself is forehead reinventing itself and a new generation of […]

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  • yes Oh gallery

    Dizengoff Center has always fascinated me, Its connection to the street, Usually I do not like closed centers, I love the street, Feel like it, View architecture, Be part of the pedestrians and part of the space, Walking down the street release […]

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  • Spring

    Spring takes us out, Sea, Street, It is characterized by changes in the weather, Warm rain, Coolness, Heat and lots of sun and particularly enchanting flowering in unexpected places, Flowering growing areas in the city and is threatened by shrinking […]

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  • Projects should recognize: Cofix וCUPS

    One of the prices of living in a big city or visit it entails financial expenditure, Even if it is carefully planned visit with a minimum expenditure, She always include sitting in a cafe, We […]

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