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Fsag’ Fnsk – Photo When did Fsag’ Fnsk is the first commercial center in Tel Aviv under one roof beams, The first version of what we call the sea “Mall”, “Shopping center”, “Against”, And the first building was installed in her (Elevator) Parisian elevator doors made of iron and networks, Turret head bare iron dome shaped roof reminiscent of a French (Such roofs are other buildings of Judah Magidovich, It is recommended to visit the house on Lilnblom bedroom apartment on the roof of a Parisian metal roof designed),   קרא עוד..

Square and a pagoda – When photography was at the heart of the old historic city of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Near the breast’ Rothschild heart of Tel Aviv, Tax’ Streets led a small traffic island at a bench and two old sycamores, Montefiore Street, Nachmani Street, Beautiful Bezalel Street, Melchett Street, Five ribs, Seven eclectic buildings, Bauhaus, Postmodern create the dreams of city square, The smallest square in front of each building and each story in its own monument,   קרא עוד..

Shows a typical neighborhood – When photography came from the east bank undergoing an accelerated development process in recent years, the West Bank, Montefiore is a magical border, Vibrant and youthful, Bitzaron neighborhood east, Breast’ Education and Yigal Alon Street, בין הגדה המזרחית לגדה המערבית אמור לקראת סוף השנה להתחיל פרויקט גשר הולכי רגל ורוכבי אופניים ראשון מסוגו והארוך בעיר, With separation between pedestrians and bike path with trees, Vegetation, Benches and cafe and architectural design Monumntni   קרא עוד..

Alfred – One art galleries scattered around the neighborhood – Photo When was the desire of residents of Tel Aviv and the immigrants who chose to live in., Expanding circles and create urban uses unique mixing of Tel Aviv, מענה לצרכים אמנותיים וכלכליים בתוספת ליוקר המחיה ועליה במחירי שכירות דירות ושטחים מסחריים בעיר, Is the search for new locations and alternative achievable in, This is done in the past decade mainly in South City where still in the early years of the new millennium could be   קרא עוד..

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